Detour #1: The grandmaster’s secrets


I recently created a training plan for myself, but I’ve kept on procrastinating. Then I realized that the reason why I didn’t start my training program was that I purchased a resource (The Grandmaster’s Secrets ) and I didn’t use it in my plan.


So I decided to take a detour before even starting my journey! I added a step 0 : studying The Grandmaster’s Secrets.

I’ve already studied the lessons and the thinking system described is simple and easily implementable. Now, I need to make a habit of thinking this way by studying the practical part.

I really think that the thinking process is one of the basics upon which we build chess skills. My guess is that it is so basic that it isn’t even mentionned in Chess Exam And Training Guide: Rate Yourself And Learn How To Improve (Chess Exams). The thinking system must come naturally to talented players, that’s why it is not a popular subject for books. Unfortunately, I’m not a natural, so I will try to make a strong foundation before building up my skills.


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