Deliberate practice for chess

deliberate practice for chess

Science has shown that deliberate practice was the main factor for expert performance. It is not talent, but the actual number of hours you dedicate to your craft.

For more on the science, you can read “the role of deliberate practice in the acquisition of  expert performance” or the making of an expert for a lighter read.

What exactly is deliberate practice?

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How I went from 0 to 2 hours of training a day

When studying anything, I’ve always struggled with consistency. I would procrastinate most of the time and cram before an exam or a chess tournament: not an effective method.

I’ve tried for years to study for one hour on week days – not a lot when you’re in college, but better than nothing. I would keep my resolution for 2 days maybe 3 and then I went back to my old habits.

I’m not very good at change. In fact, I don’t like the process of changing. It’s uncomfortable and tiring.

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Why I chose GM Igor Smirnov as my mentor

My learning style is 15% auditory, 35% visual and 50% tactile. I’m a “hands-on” learner, I need to do a lot of exercises to remember anything. I’m also, to a lesser extend, a visual learner, I memorize well with videos.

GM Igor Smirnov’s courses are divided in 2 parts: the first one is the video lessons and the second one is the practical part which contains exercises. So his lectures fit my learning style.

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