Chess youtube channels


Here are 3 of my favorite chess youtube channels.

chess youtube channels

This channel contains more than 1000 videos. Many of them are long (at least 30 minutes) lectures from masters and grandmasters. In the “playlists” section the lessons are divided by levels:

Level: Beginner

Level: Intermediate

Level: Advanced

If you like lectures from a particular master or grandmaster, there are also playlists by teacher.


This channel has 7000+ videos. The majority of them are game analysis. My favorite playlists are:

The “Must See” Immortal Game Collection!

Mikhail Tal’s Trainer! : Nezhmetdinov – super-dynamic aggressive chess master! : hyper-aggressive chess

Grandmaster Blunders : this one is a great pick-me-up after a defeat.

Remote Chess Academy

This channel has a lot less videos, but I like the way Igor Smirnov teaches. My favorite lesson is the “breaking stereotypes” series:

These chess youtube channels are not the only ones I like but they are my top 3.

If you know any channels that you think are better than the ones in my selection, please share them in the comments.

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