Chess tournament preparation


In this post, I will describe my chess tournament preparation. It is largely inspired by the lesson “How to prepare for the tournament” in Igor Smirnov’s course The Grandmaster’s Secrets.

chess tournament preparation

From the 26th to the 30th of december, I will participate in a tournament. My goal is to bring myself in peak condition for this event.

Physical preparation

The tournament is 9 games with a time control of 1h30+30”/m. The games can last for more than 4 hours and we are playing 2 games a day (except for the last day) so the stamina will be a critical factor in my results.

I will walk every day for at least 30 minutes and I will be stricter with my diet (no more processed food or added sugar).

Psychological preparation

I will focus on the quality of my moves, not on the result of the games. When I focus on the result, I get emotional and it usually affects the quality of the next game.

Chess preparation

I can squeeze 6 hours of chess study in my daily schedule and I will work on:

  1. Tactics : I didn’t play a lot lately and in my case my tactical vision suffers a lot. So I will use CT-ART 4 to solve tactical puzzles everyday for 30 minutes.
  2. Openings : I don’t have an opening repertoire and I usually improvise by move 3 or 4. So I will try to build a repertoire for White as my results with the white pieces are way worse than when I have Black and I don’t think I’ll have the time to work on my repertoire for Black. I will use The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory to help me with that during 90 minutes per day.
  3. Training games : I will play one game against the computer every day with the same time control as in the tournament and with my new repertoire.

Hopefully my preparation and the study of The Grandmaster’s Secrets will help me win more games or at least help me ejoy the games more!

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