My name is Chloé Joyeux.
I’m an adult with no talent for chess (I’ve been stuck in the 1500s for more than 3 years) but I want to improve anyway.

A lot of titled players say that you can become a chess master with no talent and only hard work. However, they don’t tell how.

after 30 […] certainly master is possible with a very strong desire and a clear plan on how to do it.

GM Alex Lenderman on chess.com forum.

My goal is to discover what works and what doesn’t and share it with you.

My chess story

I learned the moves when I was 16 but wasn’t serious about the game and soon stopped playing. When I was 25, after a shoulder injury that prevented me from continuing my juggling career, I was left with a tone of time and nothing to do. So I picked up chess again. I wanted to get good at chess (I still want to ) but I’ve been struggling to improve.

I’ve consumed a lot of information: books and DVDs mostly. I was doing a lot and had no good results. I think that the problem was that there was no method to my training.

Last year, my frustration pushed me to research how to learn effectively. Now I will apply what I discovered and hopefully will finally improve at chess.