My 2017 chess resolutions


This is the time of the year to review the past 12 months and to make new resolutions. Here are my chess resolutions for 2017:

chess resolutions

Use my training log every day :

In 2016, I was pretty good at keeping my chess journal up to date but I forgot to use it from time to time. My log has been really useful for my improvement, so my goal for this year is to write in my log every day.

Participate in 5 tournaments:

This one might be a little bit of a stretch! The ultimate goal is 5 tournaments but I will be really happy with 4. When I analyze my games after a tournament, it helps me realize if I can stop working on a certain weakness because it has become a strength or at least is not a liability anymore. It also helps me choose what to work on next.

Build an opening repertoire:

After reviewing my 2016 games, I saw that at the end of the opening my opponent nearly always has an advantage. I also lose a lot of time during the opening phase. I think building my repertoire will help me with these problems. I will also study the middlegame plans and typical endings so I may know what I’m doing more often!

Study The Art of Sacrifice in Chess, 21st Century Edition :

In my 2016 games, I missed opportunities to win because I was scared to sacrifice. In a lot of games I had an advantage and I needed to make a sacrifice to convert it. A study of this subject might also help me to build confidence in my calculation skills.

Finish CT-ART 4 :

I hate leaving things unfinished. This year I started to use CT-ART and I intend to finish all the levels in 2017. I just finished level 2, only 7 levels to go!


Do you have any chess resolutions? What are they?

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